VANITY TEEN ‘When Puberty Hits’ Editorial

In exclusive, published in digital

YEAR: 2024



” The edge between Gen Z and Alpha is traversing existential thoughts. They are the first ever to have them and they cycle as pioneer internet theorists in a Kafka renaissance. The weaponized infinite scroll gave them access to knowledge and power. Didn’t you know that birds aren’t real? Those spying knock-off drones are not going to get anything out of them! They are privileged, yet dammed beings, exempted from the ‘unblended make-up in the wrong tone’ phase, but so consumed with the pressure of not having too many Instagram pictures on their feed at a time. There can be any, but never too many! Stories are much more enigmatic tho … it’s something about their ephemeral state … Anyway, they want out of capitalism! #JusticeForMia and #Kafka are trending simultaneously, while TikTok make-up tutorials are becoming alleviated formats of activism. `Can the premature media diet be responsible for their ability to abolish ‘sex recession’ earlier in life? Or maybe their openness as complex beings allows them to connect and experience earlier. But at what cost, if they earn to be loved like Milena? Sorta cute, but sorta cursed! Some of their I’s are as old as the iPad, yet getting into therapy before they can legally drink is another cost of influence. The dystopian nightmare is yet to be stopped with kinda cringe girly memes! You might not get it yet, but nothing is as it seems, open your mind … after all, the ‘no make-up makeup’ looks require a Rembrandt hand, a handful of products and patience; because there is no room for aesthetics of ugliness here, but shhh … they don’t like to tell! So, choose your character, press play and take the chance to experience a glimpse of their Kafkaesque existence!”


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