About us

Specializing in fashion, beauty, and design, First Content is the brainchild of two childhood friends - Catinca, a professional stories & visuals content creator, and Ana, a retail & luxury business strategist. We lean on our wide expertise in Creative Production, Styling, Copywriting, Retail and Image Consulting, Luxury Management, and Digital Transformation to offer a tailored approach with a full set of services to elevate your brand. Our mission is to actively engage in the development of emerging talents and next-generation designers & brands. We commit to teaming up with our network of top industry professionals & young creatives to deliver best-in-class outcomes for our clients. Born and raised in Romania, both Ana and Catinca believe in the preservation of cultural authenticity, with an almost spiritual approach, in a world of fast consumption and hollow messages. We believe in business inclusivity, in the transition from products to philosophies, moments triggering the climax in emotional engagement, and brands reaching their ultimate goal by possessing a client’s mind, not only their capital.

Meet the team

Catinca Neguț

Founder & Head of Creative and Branding

Double accredited with Honors in Fashion Marketing & Communication, Catinca has built her professional foundation on a blend of academic background and years-long individually driven implications on all levels. Following an organic evolution from volunteering as an assistant and personal projects production to direct contracting brands, publishing written pieces in diverse publications and conceptualizing or gaining official roles in internationally acclaimed editorials and fashion shows. Under the aesthete sign of the Zodiac, Catinca is a visual and stories-oriented person, with her head often in the clouds, but constantly striving for the new and provocative. This Libra navigates her journey as a multi-faced character, transitioning from and simultaneously combining her roles as Creative Director & Producer, Fashion Editor, Stylist and Branding Specialist.

Ana Maria

Retail Management and Business Development Strategic Ally

Certified in Banking and International Finance, with a MA degree in Management, Ana decided to merge her enthusiasm for fashion, with her strategically trained brain and bold personality. The blend was further deepened through Buying, Merchandising and Fashion Business specialized courses. As an avid luxury fashion consumer herself with a professional foundation built along 10 years of experience across all levels of Luxury Retail Strategy and Management, she is now seizing valuable know-how created through her active lifelong contact with the industry. This Scorpio had the chance to navigate her journey across chief corporations and provocative independent projects, building both discipline and desire. Never afraid of managing the upper tiers inside an intense industry, under the obsessively confident and competitive sign of the Zodiac, Ana gets switched on by the biggest challenges and goals.

Company background

Before being adopted by fashion professionals, First Content Studio was primarily established as a pioneer Romanian Digital Marketing Agency. The venture has a history of developing branded communication projects for brands such as Converse, Danone, and Petrom, receiving the ‘Best Branded Content Series’ for “the most successful long-term branded content” Award at the Digiday Awards Europe, among names such as Spotify, Youtube, Burberry, Financial Times, or Conde Nast and assessed by industry leaders from Dazed Media, The Telegraph, Bloomberg Media, and more.