Collaboration Launch Review

'Digitalised Clothing by FFFACE X FINCH'. Published by 33 Magazine

YEAR: 2022

CLIENT: Metamarketing Agency FFFACE.ME

ROLE: Writing & Fashion Reporting

“The Metamarketing Agency FFFACE.ME collaborated with the apparel brand FINCH to design clothes that are literally otherworldly, by giving shape to the modern dream of connecting the virtual and physical spaces. In a mix of physical convenience and virtual extensions, the T-Shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are able to stir up reactions in the digital space. Considering that social media has become the leading space for fashion experience, the creators have built the concept around garments that meet the primary needs of the contemporary consumer. Previously working with brands like Meta, Esquire, Adidas, Harper’s Bazaar and Porsche, FFFACE.ME is an awarded Metamarketing agency creating AR filters, digital apparel, virtual influencers and various Metaverse projects.(…)”


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